The future of lighting lies with LED technology.

Why Buy LED Lighting?

LED technology is still relatively new and many people are not aware of the advantages of LED lighting. The following information shows some of the reasons why every household, warehouse, agricultural and commercial workspaces would benefit from an upgrade to LED lighting.


LED lights are more energy efficient

The main benefit of LED lighting is that they are extremely energy efficient. Up to 90% of the energy that a traditional incandescent bulb generates is lost to heat. This is not the case with LED lights, this means they achieve the same or higher brightness as an incandescent bulb, using merely a fraction of the power.
For example, an LED light that uses 50 watts (W) of power produces approximately the same amount of light that a 500W incandescent bulb does.


LED light bulbs are more versatile

The versatility of LED lights means that lighting is no longer just a function, but a very conscious design choice.
The recent arrival of ‘smart’ LED lights, which can be linked into one lighting network and controlled through smartphones and remote applications, means we can be more creative than ever in choosing our own lighting systems. Easy to install, and endlessly customisable, smart LEDs are the next generation of lights.